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The word "Protegent" is derived from a French word "Protégee", which means "To Protect".

FAQs for Port Locker


Port Locker software helps the user to increase the level of the data security. Port Locker blocks all Ports of your system to prevent leakage of data.

USB ports, CD/DVD ROM, IEEE 1394, Printers, Network Adaptor, Infrared and Bluetooth can be blocked using the software.

CD/DVD and IEEE1394 ports need to be unblocked so data card can be used. Data card is using IEEE 1394 interface.

No, Port Locker is password protected.

Yes. User can schedule the time when the port should be block to a user.

Yes. We can allow specific drive by white listing it.

No, Port Locker only blocks mail send via Microsoft Outlook

Yes, by using the Read only feature of the Port Locker User can make USB derives Read only.

Yes, User can Block the Print Screen of the system.

Yes, by making the setting of Log size and Log days Port locker will delete the reports and logs automatically.

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